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House prices down in many people are still in a wait-and-see

price policy for a few months, after a period of running, many developers began to worry, most of the real estate enterprises tentative shots, part of the real estate prices are often favorable playing word games, as well as some minor, but buyers are generally hold together continue to wait and see.

users Chen scarred said, purchase wants to buy room that must to has patience of, property loan business of policy adjustment, many people just wait-and-see, such yilai on like infectious diseases as, Word, wildfire of doubled, but we cannot do these was infection of people, we should to do one awake has wisdom of people, after all Chinese many, but can real clear of see this social of rarely, many conservative of people although see has market of this phenomenon, but often can't beyond line, But actually in national price of boom in the, what who can get maximum of offers, wait-and-see of crowd and not has a is accurate or is unified of replies, wait-and-see who not know sale room who bottom line in where, many people will by hurt, on new year's day actually is a copy end of of best opportunities, but heart is endless of, many people didn't approach caught initiative, makes wait-and-see continues to, but more of people into has wait-and-see.

limited purchased policy, need mortgage raised a according to new eight article for implementation, investment institutions needs will was basic squeeze dry, guarantees room also input has market, housing lost has revenge sex of rebound, so regulation prices this period also into has key when, regulation prices for place appeared of any loose regulation of policy, are not effect to market of expected practices, must immediately corrected.

property regulation now has get has is big of progress, reasonable price away from we increasingly near, but property regulation of basic purpose, investment and basic sex housing should more increased efforts, property adjustment in next year will will is key of one years, room enterprises of fate in next year will will is a new of carried out, while market as a big environment Xia, stable of growth will will became market development.


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